Maurie J. Manning Illustrations ©2006

The Invisible Boy


"Illustrator Barton adds a wonderful touch by drawing all the other characters in color but sketching Brian in faint shades of black and white - at least at first....Before long, Brian, in living color, is not so invisible after all. It’s a lovely lesson in the simple acts of friendship, especially recommended for the most popular kids in class."
-USA Today

"This is a simple yet heartfelt story about a boy who has been excluded for no apparent reason but finds a way to cope and eventually gains acceptance. Highly recommended book…”
-School Library Journal Starred Review

"Ludwig and Barton understand classroom dynamics and wisely refrain from lecturing readers…Instead, they portray Brian’s situation as a matter of groupthink that can be rebooted through small steps. It’s a smart strategy, one that can be leveraged through the book’s excellent discussion guide.”-Publishers Weekly

"This endearing picture book about a timid boy who longs to belong…delivers its message with great sensitivity. Tender illustrations rendered in glowing hues capture Brian’s isolation deftly...Use this to start a discussion: The author includes suggested questions and recommended reading lists for adults and children. Accessible, reassuring and hopeful."-Kirkus Reviews

“Pitch-perfect words and art.” -Scholastic Instructor

“A story with heart and soul. The Invisible Boy brings the power of kindness and compassion into focus.”
-Mia Doces, Committee for Children

“Love this! The Invisible Boy has got to be one of my all-time favorite books for kids!”
-Kathryn Otoshi, award-winning author of One and Zero

"Trudy Ludwig has given us the gift of another empathic, poignant book for children that addresses the complex topic of peer relationships...A must-read." -Carrie Goldman, award-winning author of BULLIED: What Every Parent, Teacher, and Kid Needs to Know about Ending the Cycle of Fear

This book is the epitome of a FAB picture book—from the amazing art of Barton to the poignant story from Ludwig, The Invisible Boy touches on the realities of a typical classroom and the difficulties some kids face in developing relationships. It is a discussion guide, a story, and a work of art. BRAVO to team Ludwig and Barton!” -Christine Fonseca, author of Quiet Kids

"Heartstrings will twinge when reading this dear book, a reminder to include others, no matter how invisible they may seem." -October 2013 Book Buzz Picks, The Missourian